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LED Touch Lights - Multicolor (2 Pcs)

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It's Time To Upgrade Your Interior!

Instant Vibe Changer

Our LED lights bring you an instant luxury touch to your car. These LED lights make every car ride unforgettable!

Multi Color LED Lights

7 colors can be changed by simply touching the light. Choose your favorite color with just a touch! Our LED lights will last up to 3 hours before you need to charge them again.

Super Easy To Install

  1. Peel the adhesives and stick to the back of the lights.
  2. Place them ANYWHERE you would like in your car. (we recommend under seats)
  3. Touch it till it sets to your desired color and ENJOY the vibe!

    Size Chart

    SMALL fits most who wear:
    Womens shoe sizes up to US 7.5
    Kids shoes size up to US 4

    LARGE fits most who wear:
    Womens shoe size from US 7.5 to 12
    Mens shoe sizes up to US 10.5

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    30-Day Risk Free Guarantee

    We have a 30 day policy, if you are not happy for whatever reason simply ship it back within 30 days of receiving and we will gladly refund you no if ands or buts!